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Customized Sauna

Want to design your own sauna? Yes you can. Reach out to us and we will help you design and construct a sauna that fits perfectly in your home. Our team would help you build a personal sauna based on ur preferences. We have multiple designs to help you decide the best sauna for you. We will visit your place, Take measurements and decide the best one out there for you.

Get yourself a Customized Sauna that goes perfectly with your home Today !!

Features of a Custom Sauna


You can decide a size that would fit perfectly in your home. No need to worry about space and location any more.

Extra Strength

Custom made saunas are made from scratch and are much durable and strong as compared to other saunas.


Customized Saunas can be made for outdoor as well. We will use the wood and construction that can survive the harsh weather of UAE.

Time Duration

Custom Sauna would be made Locally in our workshop and can never be out of stock. You can get a perfect sauna built from scratch in just 10-14 Days.


From how it looks from the outside to how it looks on the Inside, you decide it all. Have a unique design in ur mind? Share with us, we will help you make it.

Added Features

You can add custom features like, bluetooth speakers, LED Lights etc.

Some Base Designs

Feel free to get in touch with us and design your own sauna.