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Home Jacuzzi (Hot Bath)

Perfect Home Jacuzzi Set-Up that is Ideal for a small family of 4 individuals. Made from US Acrylic, Valluxy’s Jacuzzis are perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Settings.


Material : White Acrylic

Jets : 59 Massage, 3 Fountain.

Heater : 3kw

Water Pump : 0.75kw x 1 pc – 2.2kw x 2 pcs

Led Screen : Yes

Bluetooth : Yes

Pillow : 2 pcs

Total Power : 8.15kw


Bringing the Luxury of Hot bath and Jacuzzi to the comfort of your Homes. Now enjoy Unlimited Health Benefits that Includes: Arthritis Relief, De- Stress, Pain Relief, Body Recovery Etc with Valluxy’s Jacuzzi and Hot Bath.


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